About Us

Yuetai Art Foundation was established this year (2018) by Sam Yang, CEO of Yuetai Cambodia as a means of contributing to the community in Phnom Penh. Sam has long been both an arts enthusiast and patron. This foundation gives him the opportunity to be involved with two subjects he loves, art and the society of his adopted home in Cambodia. Using his personal resources and staff to run the foundation, albeit under the aegis of Yue-Tai, Sam can give a little something back to this country.


Uncovering hidden art gems and collecting them and preserving them for the public good are, as yet, the main functions of the foundation. However, in future, we hope to expand its activities to maintain a free public gallery, host events, sponsor artists and in general raise awareness of the great artistic talent this country possesses.  For more information or to share ideas with us, feel free to contact us directly at this number +855(0)87 286 201.

Mission Statement

Yuetai Art Foundation is first and foremost a patron of Cambodian artists’ work, serving as a platform to promote the arts and bring to light works that might otherwise be lost. In this regard we are also actively work with artists to preserve and maintain works that might be in danger of destruction or degradation due to the ravages of time and weather.

In addition, Cambodia has suffered uniquely in its still recent history in that the Khmer Rouge decimated not only the populace but their beautiful arts and culture. It will take all of us working together to restore the health of the artistic community to its full glory. Cambodia still suffers a lack of resources for promotion and preservation of the arts. Therefore, it is the additional task of Yuetai Art Foundation to work to restore and recover the institutions of our community. In this regard Yue-Tai Art plans a full range of activities including sponsorships, travel and study grants for artists and even educational programs to breathe life back into our culture fully.

Contact us with your plans, events and ideas. We will do our best to assist.



It is the honour of Yuetai Cambodia to here feature for your pleasure and edification a small selection of the recent works of the prominent and prolific artist Mr. Chhim Sothy…..

Let each man exercise the art he knows.